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Seminar at SCC'09:

 Arlene conducting seminar
Photo from California Dreamin' 2008

Event: Southern Comfort Conference 2009

Seminar (presentation), "Our Trans-History, the Heroes"  (on video below)
The Heroes panel: Jamison Green, Ethan St. Pierre and Monica Helms
Moderated by Ar'lene D. Lafferty

This presentation is an education on “Our Trans-History, the Heroes of today and yesteryear via a view through slides and guest celebrity panelists. The panelists will talk their stories and guide us through Trans-History from 1849 We’wha, 1917 Dr. Alan L. Hart, 1930 Lili Elbe, 1952 Christine Jorgensen, Reed Erikson Foundation, Harry Benjamin, the first ACLU Transsexual Rights committee, Stonewall, Joanna Clark (Sister Mary Elizabeth), Jude Patton and Birth Certificate laws and their changes. CA Prop 8, ENDA, APA & DSM-V, the haters with Transphobia...

From the session we’re placing a live call to Joanna Clark (Sister Mary Elizabeth).

The audience (attendees) is encouraged to participate.

Link: http://www.sccatl.org/

Sorry we could not put all the Heroes due to the limited time of the seminar, but other interviews are planned.

If  you cannot view the following quicktime video, you may click here to download it to your computer for viewing.
Video approximately 95 minutes.

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